Why Surefield

Serious buyers. Less hassle. Save up to 75%

75% savings

Surefield combines proprietary 3D home-tour technology with experienced full-service agents to help you attract more serious buyers with less hassle, saving you up to 75% in commissions.

More exposure, less hassle

More than 90% of home buyers use the Internet to search for homes for sale, and most of them find the home they purchase by themselves. Our virtual 3D home tour automates the home tour process, allowing buyers to directly tour a home online anytime, anywhere.

Full-service agents

Our team has decades of experience — and success — improving real estate processes. Our unique 3D home tour using computer-vision technology, gives buyers the most realistic, remote tour of your home, enabling a new level of efficiency with no trade-offs.

How it works

The old way
The Surefield way

Before Surefield, buyers needed an agent to tour homes. Surefield's virtual 3D home tour is the first and only service to show the entire home - inside, outside and an aerial view. Now buyers can view your home remotely on their own, giving you the convenience and freedom from constant cleaning and last-minute tours.

The home tour simulates walking through your home, giving buyers a realistic look at the flow and surroundings so they can make smarter decisions during their home search—and you receive inquiries from more serious and qualified buyers. When a buyer is ready to take it to the next level, buyers can tour the home with their agent; if the buyer is unrepresented we’ll get them in the home.

The Surefield Advantage gives you maximum online exposure and full service with up to 75% in savings.

How you save

Old vs. new

Surefield is the first residential real estate brokerage to put you first when creating a commission plan. Because buyers can view your home remotely, Surefield embraces this efficiency and passes on the savings to you. You save big by cutting the typical 3% buyer's agent commission, while still enjoying full seller representation.

Residential real estate is sold successfully around the world without prepaying for the services of a buyer’s agent and where the listing agent provides home tours. Surefield is the first brokerage to bring this practice to the United States, while adding computer-vision technology via a unique, virtual 3D home tour. Now you have more freedom in marketing and accurately pricing your home while giving buyers access to your home around the clock.

If an unrepresented buyer wants to buy your home, we'll get the buyer into your home. If they want to make an offer, we’ll refer them to an attorney to draft the offer. This saves you up to 75% of the typical commission. Also, buyers can tour Surefield homes with their agent, just like any other MLS-listed home. Either way, it puts you in the drivers seat.

How it's possible

Old vs. new

Globally, commission rates for similar economies are between 1 and 2.5%. The seller usually only pays for his agent, who also gives home tours to potential buyers. In the United States, the customary total commission rate is 6% and the seller pays for his and the buyer’s agent.

It is a common misperception that the services involved in buying a home are free—after all, the buyer is the only party bringing any money to the table. Shouldn't the buyer decide how much to pay their agent? As a home seller, you know that buyers today work with a wide variety of real estate agent business models and that a one-size-fits-all concept just doesn't apply any more. Many buyer's agents now refund some or even most of their commission back to the buyer directly, so the old model doesn't make much sense any more.

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According to the National Association of Realtors, the majority of buyers find the home they eventually buy online by themselves.

The argument is that buyer’s agent commissions provide an incentive to get buyers into homes. In today’s environment the Internet makes this theory obsolete. More than 90% of home shoppers go online to search for homes for sale. And with Surefield’s virtual 3D home tour, buyers can tour the home directly online 24/7. It is much faster and more efficient for buyers and the commission savings can be passed on directly to you. Look at other service businesses. The person using the service pays for it—a nail polish company doesn’t pay for pedicures, a car dealer doesn’t pay for gas. So, why should sellers pay for the buyer’s agent. In many countries, buyers hire agents to represent them or write a fee into the offer. Even more common, buyers hire real estate attorneys.

But none of this would be possible without Surefield’s virtual 3D home tour, which automates most of the in-person home tours that occur when marketing a home. Built in-house using computer vision technology, the virtual 3D home tour simulates walking through the home, giving buyers a realistic look at the flow and surroundings.

Now sellers don’t have to pay 3% buyer’s agency commission to get people into their home because Surefield is using technology to get buyers into the house online instead. When a buyer is ready to make an offer and needs to get inside the home, they can tour the home with their agent; if the buyer is unrepresented we’ll get them in the home.

How we compare

Features Surefield FSBO Redfin Typical Broker
Typical cost* $7,500 $15,500† $22,500 $30,000
Marketing photos 25,000 25 25 25
Open house 24/7 Online No Sunday, 1-4 PM Sunday, 1-4 PM
Floor plans Yes No No No
Professional photos Included Extra Included Extra
Full service Yes No Yes Yes
Online 3D tour Included No Included No
Aerial tour Included No No No
* Typical cost to sell a $500,000 home
† Does not include agent support

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