Maybe start this narrative one level higher?:

  • Commissions are not designed to make home sellers win

  • The US industry is the worst in the world

  • The commissions do not get you better results, namely higher prices

  • Surefield has pioneered an approach that [cut’s out the waste]

What is missing is our main message-- right now it’s too complicated.  Low commissions, not it. Waste? Could also be something like cut through the crap.  Maye a bit too edgey. The idea that needs to be captured is: 1) all this stuff that has been going on has been a scam designed to get money from home sellers; 2) if you realize that, you can sell you rhome without the cost of the scame 3) there are no trade-offs to doing that ...


Another angle-- the Snowbird appraoch:  https://twitter.com/Snowbird/status/992086949694398464

Did you know that you don’t have to pay 6% to sell your home?  Historically, home sellers had to pay 3% to the buyers agent and 3% to the sellers agent .  In today’s age of the internet, most buyers find homes they're interested in by searching sites like Redfin and Zillow which are populated with inventory based on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Less work on the part of the buyers agents give you, the home seller, an opportunity to earn more money from your home sale.

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Example: A home sold for $500,000 will typically have $30,000 in commissions!  

pasted image 0 (2).png
  • Listing with a traditional agent will net you $470,000

  • Listing with Redfin will net you $477,500

  • A Surefield listing will net you $492,500


(graphic should show net income from a typical $500,000 home sale) (add Faira to FSBO bar)

So, what are the tradeoffs you’re wondering?  There are none. We simply don’t believe in paying a set price for a transaction based on how real estate has been transacted in the past.  Surefield is a full service brokerage saving you more money.


Getting the most money possible when you sell your home today requires thinking outside the box.  Real estate agents are not a good source of objective information, since they profit from home sellers who do not understand how homes are actually sold in the age of the Internet.  Cutting through the noise can be hard but the financial rewards are worth it.


So what works when you sell a home today?  


Firstly, you want to get your home into the multiple listing service (MLS).  The MLS is a local monopoly which and the vast majority of homes that are sold, start as an MLS listing.  This means that 100% of serious buyers, start their search for inventory each day in the MLS.

What works:

  1. MLS listing (link to Why the MLS works so well)

  2. Great photos, floor plans, and 3D models (link to example listing)

  3. [Data-oriented] Accurate pricing (link to How to price a home)


Stuff that doesn’t work:


  1. MLS listings, with up front buyer’s agent commissions (link to Buyer’s agent commissions don’t get you a better price)

  2. Fancy marketing plans and advertisements (link to Who benefits from ads in real estate)

  3. Under or over pricing (link to Problems with inaccurate pricing)


Summary here that describes the bullets ….


Surefield is ¼ the cost of a traditional broker (which you can find on Zillow), ⅓ the cost of Redfin, and ½ the cost of Faira or an MLS-FSBO, or non-MLS FSBO.  Surefield will always get you a better price than any of the new “instant offer” options from [Open Door, Redfin, and Zillow].


Conclusion-- the Surefield offer [graphic]:


  1. You set the buyers agent commission and determine how much, if any, you decide to pay

  2. We take care of the entire process for a 1.5% commission at closing

  3. Our team handle all of the details including pricing, photos, 3D models, & negotiations through escrow

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