It's hard to sell your home if you want to keep your money.

Otherwise, it's really easy.

Here’s an insider secret: Your home will be sold in almost exactly the same way, regardless of how much you spend on agent commissions.

You will see a lot of real estate brokers differentiating themselves by being “full service” agents. Or you will see a lot of companies promoting lower commissions, on the sell side.  Other brokers will promote their sale to list ratio as evidence of being able to get you higher prices. But with all these options, how do you decide how and where to list your home?

The most important thing to do before listing your home is educating yourself on how real estate works.  To do that, you will need to understand how the real estate market is actually structured, which is quite different than the conventional narrative you will hear from other brokers.  Once you figure it out you’ll need to be resilient, since brokers are incentivized to make you think things are a certain way.

So what works when you sell a home today?  

Brokers will tell you that you get what you pay for and that typical buyer’s agent commissions are absolutely essential to getting a good price.  They will also tell you that a fancy marketing plan will get you a higher price.  And they might tell you that getting multiple offers is better than not.  None of these things are true, even if the brokers believe them, but it will certainly cost you a lot of money if you buy into these myths.  

The reality is actually much simpler. The most important thing you can do is get your home in the MLS with or without a buyers agent commission. [ Those commissions are an antiquated concept that predates the Internet (and keeps brokers fat and happy). ] And when you present your home in the MLS, it is important to make sure it looks good. In fact, once your home looks good, choosing to list with an accurate price and taking a bit of time will net you the best financial result.

Working with Surefield to keep your money

Now that you know the details behind what works and doesn’t, why use Surefield?

The reason to use Surefield is simple-- you want to get the most money possible when you sell your your home.  You do that by getting a good looking and well priced MLS listing. But also by managing the noise from other brokers around unnecessary commissions.

Surefield is ¼ the cost of a traditional broker, ⅓ the cost of Redfin, and ½ the cost of Faira or a FSBO.  Not only that, but Surefield will always get you a better price than any of the new “instant offer” options from Open Door, Redfin, or Zillow.   

At first it seems scary to be thinking about the real estate market differently.  But know you are not alone. Once you make the jump to working with Surefield, you can start to relax.  We’ll take care of all the difficult parts of the transaction and all you need to do is consider the offers when we bring them to you.


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