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Surefield's Pricepoint produces accurate home pricing

Did you know that once you sign up to work with an agent, you lock yourself into specific terms of agreement, like commission percentage? Many times this amount can be up to 6% of sale price of your home.

Before you commit to an agent and settle on a price, get a home valuation from Surefield.

Surefied’s approach to home valuation is robust.  We will analyze the local market conditions surrounding your home and focus on finding prices paid for similar homes.  Once we identify similar homes for you, we’ll detail exactly how those data points affect your valuation and the price you can expect to sell for.  We will also take an hour to go over these numbers with you.

Give it a shot!  There is no obligation and no cost to get a detailed home valuation report and phone consultation on price.

Surefield's Pricepoint home valuation is currently only in Washington. Sign up to let us know if you'd like to see Pricepoint in your area.

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