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Set a good impression with buyers

Don't start out with lousy looking photos of a mess

Once you’ve decided to get your home into the MLS, you need to make it look as good as possible and establish an accurate price. It’s easy to think you need to do too much, but there are a few key things to focus on as you put your best foot forward.

The first thing to do when making your home look as good as possible is to clean up the space and depersonalize your home. Depersonalizing means removing the clutter and removing personal items like photographs. Minor repairs may be in order, such as touching up the paint or other cosmetic fixes. Definitely consider skipping any staging with better furniture as that will have a negative impact on your net proceeds without increasing the price.

After your home is clean, you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional real-estate photographer to capture rooms in the best light possible. The photographs are the critical part of today’s online presence, and you want these looking good. Many real estate photographers use wide-angle lenses, and high dynamic range (HDR) photography approaches to show you more of the room and make the details pop out for buyers. For most buyers, the photos are going to be the only thing they see, and the ones who take tours do so based on a decision they made looking at these photos.

When homes are clean and well photographed, buyers proceed straight ahead with the harder discernments that may lead to interest in a home tour or a run through the 3D model. When bad photos of a messy scene headline a listing, buyers tune in and drop out.

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