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Getting your home ready to list is easy compared to everything else home sellers should do. Sizing up how to navigate the misaligned incentives in the real estate landscape, researching data to support an accurate home price, and finding a broker that can get your home into the multiple listing service (MLS) without eating up all the net proceeds in commissions-- these are things that can consume days or weeks of attention. So when it comes time to get your home ready to list, take a slow breath and relax, because most of the rest of what follows is easy if you stay focused and don’t go down too many rabbit holes.

Every potential buyer will become introduced to the idea when they first see photographs of the listing in the MLS. After your home is appropriately staged, getting professional-looking photographs that make as many of those buyers as possible to take the next step is your goal. The good news is that you do not need to pay for staging with someone else's furniture however you do need to do a deep clean and declutter your space. And if you must give your listing a specific look, you can find a compositing software wizard to add furniture directly to your online photos without the cost.

Offline one of the biggest black holes an owner can fall into before listing is remodeling, thinking that a kitchen upgrade will have a positive impact on their final sales price. The data shows that a seller will never get more than what they put into remodeling if they plan to sell soon, so definitely skip the delays and costs of this bad investment if you don’t plan to live with the results for at least a few years.

The simple combination of beautiful photos, a 3D tour, and a well-priced house will help you sell your home faster than hosting open houses, which don’t do much for you once listed but can cause hassles. Besides, a 3D tour is always a better way to go for getting semi-interested buyers into a listing and can cut out even more nuisance than just open house traffic.


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