The Insider’s Guide to Real Estate / Selling Options / Considering Faira's Marketing

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Ambiguous and misleading claims up front

Surprise commissions on the way out

Most people consider working with Faira because they read their advertising and think that selling their home will be free of commissions. Alternatively, they believe that the commission is 1% or 2.5-3% for sellers. However, this is misleading and leaves out a 3% buyers agent commission.


You can find the references to the 3% buyers agent commission on Faira’s website, but you have to dig hard and look in the section for other real estate agents. The bottom line is that all of Fair’s listings will cost you somewhere between 3% and 6% in total commissions which impacts your net proceeds-- every Faira listing that goes into the MLS has a full buyers agent commission as they explain to agents below.


Outside of watching commissions, Sellers should stay on the lookout for pricing guidance that saves brokers time and effort, but costs sellers their net proceeds. Brokers talk owners down on price, and that is a certified fact although it is rare to brag about those type of results so loudly!


Savvy sellers know that when buyers are jumping at the gun to get offers in, they are doing so because it is a good deal. However, sellers who try to get buyers to hurry and bite at a good deal are not maximizing their net proceeds and giving money away. Real estate agents know this, and when they sell their own homes, they do so at higher prices and wait longer to get a good price instead of messing around with artificially low listing prices that never get to the same level as an initially accurate price.

Improve on Faira's net proceeds

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