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The Smartest Way to Sell

What's your home worth? Find out based on recently sold homes and analyze the competition

The Surefield Difference

1/3 the cost of Redfin. No trade-offs.


Transparent, precise pricing.

Under or over-pricing costs you money. Pricepoint's advanced algorithms makes sure you don't leave money on the table.

Pricepoint uses the most accurate indicators: recently sold, comparable listings, photographs; but most importantly - your judgement. It's waaay better than Zillow.

Virtual Open Houses

Skip up-front buyer's agent fees.

3D home tours help you (and us) save time and money, while giving potential buyers an up-front realistic tour of your home anytime, from anywhere.

Today's buyers use the Internet to search for homes. With Surefield, they can get a tour online. When qualified buyers need to get inside, we handle that too.

Full-Service Agents

Thinking about selling? Get advice from one of our agents.

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