The Real Estate Process

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Step 1: Decision to sell

  1. When is the best time of year to sell a house?
  2. When is the best day of the week to sell a house?
  3. Should I rent or should I sell my house?

Step 2: Pricing of the property

  1. What steps can I take to determine how much my house is worth? 
  2. Should I try to get the highest price possible?
  3. Should I try to get multiple offers when selling my home?
  4. How can I research the competition when it comes to selling my house?

Step 3: Preparation of the property

  1. How much efffor and cash should I put in to selling my house?
  2. Should I remodel the home first, then sell it later to get more money? (No-- you often can't get more money back than you spend on remodelling today).

Step 4: Listing of property (AKA marketing)

  1. Outside of listing my hom in the MLS, what else can my agent do to get me a better price? 
  2. Will a 3D tour or drone videos help me get a higher price of my house?
  3. Do postcards or flyers help me get a better price for my house? 
  4. Do ads in the newspaper help me get a high price for my house? 
  5. Do any inducements help me get a higher price, like throwing in a free car? 
  6. Do good photos help me get a higher price for my house? 
  7. Do open houses help me get a better price or sell my home? 

Step 5: Negotiation and offers

  1. How do you get more leverage in negotiation when selling your house?
  2. Should I try to get multiple offers?
  3. No one has made an offer on my house, what should I do?
  4. My agent told me they could sell the house, but it has not sold.  What should I do? 
  5. Should I set an offer review date?
  6. How do you tell which offer is the best one?
  7. My buyer's found issues in the home inspection, how do I handle that? 
  8. What happens if my buyer's walks away from the deal?
  9. What happens if the sellers walks away from a deal? (ask rodger).

Step 6: Escrow for sellers

  1. How can my home sale go south during escrow? 
  2. other interesating angles to add in here?
  3. What do I need to close my home sales as a seller?
  4. How long does it take for escrow to close? 
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