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Here’s an insider secret: Your home will be sold in almost exactly the same way by any broker, regardless of how much you spend on agent commissions.

You will see a lot of real estate brokers describing themselves as “full service” agents. Or you will see a lot of companies promoting lower sell side commissions.  Other brokers will promote their sale-to-list ratio as evidence of being able to get you higher prices or pitch you proprietary marketing plans for your house. But with all these and other options out there, how do you decide how and where to list your home?

The best outcome for every home seller is a smooth transaction, conducted in a timely manner, while producing the highest net proceeds possible. In order to do this, it’s important to familiar yourself with the real estate space, starting by understanding the basic concepts and then learning the subtle dynamics of how prices and commissions work.  

First, consider the landscape of the residential real estate market and the fact that most of what you hear about selling homes is just not true.  If you can understand that the language of the conventional narrative in residential real estate is designed to separate you from you net proceeds, you can take action to re-control the flow of that money as you liquidate one of your largest assets in a smooth home sale.  

To understand how to get the highest net proceeds possible from any home sale, you’ll need to understand how commissions and pricing work.  Both topics are fraught with inaccurate and misleading claims which any homeowner will hear if they talk about real estate. Understanding that commissions work against you unnecessarily gives you more control over getting the best financial outcome.  Furthermore, owners who are misled in pricing guidance from brokers or inaccurate AVMs like Zillow, end up losing money from under-pricing or wasting time.  

When price and commission are combined in a well executed transaction, sellers stand to get the highest net proceeds possible.  That means taking home the most money possible.

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