You don't benefit from ads in real estate

We know that the MLS is a monopoly and that every serious buyer starts their home search in the MLS.  Therefore, it is impossible to find any new buyers, who do not start their real estate search this way.

But real estate agents will tell you that they can find those buyers … and that they will do so … with their proprietary marketing plan.  And often this proprietary marketing plan will include some advertising of some form.

However, take a look at the results.  These ads have photos of the real estate agents-- what does that have to do with selling your home?

RANT-- RANT, is this just a rant?

But savvy home sellers know that ads don’t sell homes and that their real estate agent is putting their picture next to your home in that ad!

And  otherwise, and use these stories to compete for your business.  Proprietary marketing plans


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