Welcome to the Surefield Box

Thanks for choosing Surefield to sell your home. This package contains everything you need to do on your end to start the process. We’ll handle the rest!

What's in the Surefield box

 Example of lockbox

Example of lockbox

Supra iBox Lockbox

Supra iBox BT LE lockbox: This secure, bluetooth-enabled lockbox will contain your house key and only accessible to licensed agents via electronic code from their smartphone. We can program the lockbox to only open at set times at your request..

 Example of Flag

Example of Flag

White Flag

White flag: Use this to mark where you’d like the yard sign to be installed—pending approval of the 811 dig requirement. See below.

 Example of Shoe Covers

Example of Shoe Covers

Shoe covers

These covers may just come in handy for prospective buyers trekking through your home on a rainy day! Feel free to leave these in a visible location near your entrance for visitors to use.

 Example of shipping label

Example of shipping label

Return shipping label

At close or cancel of your listing, use the return label to send the lockbox back to us. Don’t worry if you lose it. You can always log online and print out another label.

What's the 811 Dig Law and why it's important

For safety reasons, state laws require an assigned inspector to check the location of every yard sign before installation to ensure the post doesn’t strike an underground utility line. The state will send someone within 2 days to give the green light. The yard sign install typically happens on the 3rd day following the marking of the white flag.

Step 1: Plant the White Flag

Find a visible location on the front of your property where you’d proudly advertise your home is for sale! We recommend staying 3 feet away from electrical transformers and fire hydrants.


In virtually every situation the sign company can work around the inspector’s survey area and install the sign near the white flag. Once you’ve marked the location, please contact us via phone or email, and we’ll have the yard sign installed usually in a couple days.

Phone: (206) 445-7445
Email: 811@surefield.com

Step 2: Secure the Lockbox

*This is important!* Please follow directions before putting the lockbox together! Failure to do so may result in delays to your listing going live. This is because the lockbox can only be undone by in person by a Surefield licensed-agent.

Your Supra iBox is shipped to you in 3 parts.

  • Bottom key pocket
  • Lockbox body
  • Top U-shackle
  1. Starting from the bottom, place a copy of your house key into the key pocket. Attach the pocket to the bottom of the lockbox body.

  2. Find a visible location at the front of your property. In most cases, the lockbox is placed on a front door knob. Other common locations are fences and rails. Once you’re sure where it will go, firmly attach the U-shackle to the lockbox body until you hear a click.

*Tip* You may use a bicycle U-lock or chain lock around the U-shackle as an extension and secure the lockbox to places it normally wouldn’t fit.

Step 3: Return the Lockbox

If you’ve made it this far, your home has sold or you’ve cancelled your listing. We hope it’s the former. The only thing left is to ship the lockbox back to us via UPS. We recommend re-using the cardboard box and the bubble wrap your package came with. The UPS return label is included, but you may print out another copy if you’ve lost it at:


Drop off the return package at a UPS location near you:


We hope you’ve enjoyed our service! Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments.

Phone: (206) 445-7445
Email: support@surefield.com