Open Door, Redfin, and Zillow

So you are thinking of selling your house.  It seems like a hassle! After all, the conversations about commissions, pricing, and the rest of the rigamarole,  almost any alternative sound like a great option. And new companies like Open Door, Redfin, and Zillow are stepping in to fill that void by purchasing your house directly in a short amount of time.

The problem is, that these companies are buying these ‘instant’ homes at low prices and then turning around and selling them at high prices a few weeks or months later in the MLS themselves.  In other words they make money by buying your house for less than it is worth and selling it for what it is worth later on.

And a smart home seller knows that selling your house for less than it is worth is a pathway to be avoided!  You are far better off pricing your home (link), getting a market price in the MLS, and saving money on the commissions!


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