It’s not a secret that real estate agents make it really easy for you to sell you home.  And most people have an excellent experience when they do sell-- except for the commissions.  The average commission for a home sold in the US is around 5%, which is largely driven by the typical 3% buyer’s agent commission.  

The reality is that the buyer’s agent commission is not necessary to sell your house and it does not help you get a better price.  However, if you start asking questions about buyer’s agent commissions, you’ll encounter a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

Get out of your comfort zone-- what does that mean?  It means spending enough time to understand how the real estate market is actually structured, which is quite different than what people will tell you.  And you’ll need to be resilient since the people you may be talking to are very incented to make you think things are a certain way.

Your’re not alone-- at first it seems scary to be thinking about the real estate market differently.  But know you are not alone. Oce you make the jump to working with Surefield, you can start to relax. We’ll take care of all the difficult conversations about commissions.  All you need to do is consider the offers when we bring them to you.


The only people who don’t know about the new way to sell a home are customers of high priced brokers … Don’t believe us? Read about what the Wall Street Journal had to say recently about Surefield and commissions everywhere else in the world.

Surefield lists any home for 1.5% commission due at closing-- we don’t work with just expensive homes in fancy locations. We start with a buyers agent commission as low as one dollar, anything more is up to you. Our experienced agents specialize exclusively in listing homes and are here to help you get the highest net proceeds.

How we’re different:

  • We get you the most money from your home sale. Don’t believe us? Shop around and then give us a call back.

  • We don’t believe in a set buyer’s agent commission. Requiring you to pay for someone else's service at a set price can be illegal.  How much buyer’s agent commission you decide to pay is entirely up to you.

  • We will sell any home, at the same low commission.  We offer our services at 1.5% no matter what kind of home you own.  

With Surefield, you get a no frills home sale-- and the most money. We will list your home in MLS, price it accurately, provide professional photographs, and manage all negotiations until closing.  Our agents never compromise your trust by recommending unnecessary fees.

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