There is nothing fair to home sellers who read Faira’s marketing about the cost to sell their home.  Faira promotes two home seller packages: free and a 1% option. However, both of those start with a 3% buyer’s agent commission in their MLS listing.  So really the cost of working with Faira is 3% or 4%.

You don’t see references to commissions in the consumer marketing, but you certainly find it in the section that is designed for real estate agents.

If a home seller doesn’t understand the buyers agent commission landscape and how real estate transactions work they are going to pay an extra 3% every

Next-- Faira proffers poor advice to home sellers on their listing strategy.  As an example below, they engage in dual representation on 30% of their offers to home seller.  Next, they also intentionally under price their listings, which is another way that home sellers end up losing big on their net proceeds.

Add it all up and Faira is likely to cost you 3% in unnecessary buyers agent fees and then proceed to leave another 5% off the table due to trying to create multiple offers by underpricing inventory.


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